NEWS: December 2016

Yep, The Donderjagen LP from Combo Koedijk is sold out! The few copies remaining will be sold at the 3 shows in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Groningen. So if you haven´t ordered it through us or ELPEE, go to one of those and get your copy.
Discussions are currently being held if we should do an extra run or treat you to a second LP of great hits from our local heroes as they will enter the studio again soon.

Just a short update; to celebrate their debut LP "Donderjagen met" the boys from Het Combo Koedijk will be playing here:
Friday 20-1 V11 Rotterdam
Friday 27-1 Db´s Utrecht
Saturday 28-1 Vera Downstage Groningen

Go out and see them!

By the way the record is selling fast, so make sure you order your copy of their debut LP "Donderjagen met" out 13-01-2017! So sent us an e-mail: or if you are in Groningen go to ELPEE

It took long time, but here it is our new release: Donderjagen met het Combo Koedijk! 14 smash hits with an unique combination of (Neder) beat, garage punk, folk, German schlager and the delicious traditional Dutch Pirate sound. On this long player you will be taken to the beautiful province in the North of the Netherlands called Drenthe. Het Combo Koedijk consists of the illustrious duo Mark The Beatle (The No-Goods & The Kryng) and Alfredo Nooijo. They have written some great songs about local news, watching beautiful girls, laziness, touring the region in Alfredos car, smoking cigarettes, mothers, eating chips, playing records and of course the local transvestite. Their heroes: Dennie Christian, Combo Knus & Gezellig, CCR, De Heikrekels, Meindert Talma, Action Swingers, Cocktail Trio, Het, Heino and the Rolling Stones.
On the LP they are assisted by Peter Kroes (The Kryng & De Keefmen), Gerhard Rinsma (Krontjong Devils & The Firebirds) and Arjan Spies (The Kik and Mark & the Spies). Recorded at the fabulous Studio Teepdeck.

Releasedate is 13th of January 2017, order your copy now, as it is very limited, 110 copies were pressed.
Listen to it here.

By the way check also our previous releases, only few copies left from Trash Templars EP, The Krontjong Devils Action 10" and Sensational Second Cousins Cruel Baby 45 (their first is sold out).