KUUR-021: HET COMBO KOEDIJK - Door De Regio 12" LP

Plaat nummer 2! Weer 14 kneiter van hits met de herkenbare maar unieke combinatie van (neder)biet, garagepunk, folk, Duitse schlager en die heerlijke oer-Hollandse piratensound van de heren van Ons Combo. Op deze tweede langspeler maakt Het Combo Koedijk u weer deelgenoot van hun avonturen in hun wonderschone regio.

Het Combo Koedijk bestaat uit het illustere duo Mark The Beatle (The No-Goods & The Kryng) en Alfredo Nooijo. Ze hebben weer een paar geweldige nummers geschreven over hun trouwe viervoeter, de oefenruimte, Yoko Ono, rockmuziek, het leven, roken & drinken, God, scheuren over de olde rieksweg, de liefde en de onvermijdelijke liefdesverdriet. Hun helden: Pierre Kartner, Thee Milkshakes, Link Wray, Daniël Lohues, Bo Diddley, Martin Gaus, GG Allin, Lowland Trio, Bob Bouber en the Beatles.

Ook op deze plaat worden deze donderjagers bijgestaan door Arjan Spies (The Kik & The Kryng), Peter Kroes (The Kryng & De Keefmen) en Gerhard Rinsma (Krontjong Devils & The Firebirds). Opgenomen in de geweldige Studio Teepdeck.

LP number 2! Again 14 smash hits with the recognizable but unique combination of (Neder) beat, garage punk, folk, German schlager and the delicious traditional Dutch Pirate sound from the gentlemen of Our Combo. On this second long player Het Combo Koedijk share with you again their adventures in their beautiful region.

Het Combo Koedijk consists of the illustrious duo Mark The Beatle (The No-Goods & The Kryng) and Alfredo Nooijo. Again they have written some great songs about their faithful four-legged friend, the rehearsal room, Yoko Ono, rock music, life, smoking & drinking, God, cruising over de olde rieksweg, the love and the inevitable heartbreak. Their heroes: Pierre Kartner, Thee Milkshakes, Link Wray, Daniël Lohues, Bo Diddley, Martin Gaus, GG Allin, Lowland Trio, Bob Bouber en the Beatles.

Also on this LP they are assisted by Arjan Spies (The Kik & The Kryng), Peter Kroes (The Kryng & De Keefmen) and Gerhard Rinsma (Krontjong Devils & The Firebirds). Recorded at the fabulous Studio Teepdeck.

Stront an de knikker met Yoko Ono:

Limited to 150 copies. Releasedate: 12-01-2018

NEWS: November 2017

As usual we only bother you when there´s some news, however this time we are awfully late. A new incorporation in the Kuriosa business delayed me in telling you about our upcoming release. It turns out that the new member needed to be taught everything, sleeping, eating and taking a piss. The youth of today is getting more and more lazy. But enough about that..

Our 2 rascals Mark and Alfredo from het Combo Koedijk have been recording in the first 6 months of the year together again with Arjan, Peter, Gerhard and a whole brass and horn section. The result is the fantastic second LP Door de Regio! The LP should be available at the beginning of 2018! Do no not expect many surprises, same recipe just some great different songs!
Here is the teaser:

And here their new hit:

The good news is that also a wonderful EP will be released at the same time from The Combo! Subroutine will release a 4 song EP "Het Combo Koedijk luustert zo groag naor garage rock". This EP should be available at Subroutine´s yearly festivities around Eurosonic in Groningen.
Here a short impression:

NEWS: April 2017

If you´re in Madrid make sure you drop by the Weirdo, and enjoy some fine music provided by David "El Rey de los Mods" Bongusto and myself. As you can see from the flyers, the sounds will range from 50´s doowop and R&B to 70´s punk to some modern raunch.
(Well we will see what happens)

By the way last time I forgot to add 2 nice reviews of the Great Debut LP from Combo Koedijk.
First one is on Ik kijk liever naar platenhoezen dan naar de paus

Second one on the Planet Trash site, read it here
Both enjoying the fantastic LP, as you should do as well.

NEWS: March 2017

It was a bit quiet as I´m waiting on the documentary "Donderjagers uit Drenthe; the rise of Het Combo", but that seems to take some time. For now you have to do with this crude live recording of Railtender at the Vera kelderbar in Groningen:

Apart from recording a second longplayer, Mark, Arjan and Peter are now waiting on the release of the debut LP "Going Nowhere" from The Kryng on Teensound Records. Should be at the pressing plant now.

Gerhard has been recording with The Tremor V, a great instro combo, these here are some rehearsal recordings:

By the way Peter will be in Italy together with mr Point and mr Drain. Make sure you go see the Low Point Drains if you are in the neighborhood. Hopefully they still play some of the early hits as well:

And you wonder, Alfredo? Well he is back working in the window frame factory.

The Heck
Our second favorite bandmember from the Sensational Second Cousins has started a new group, the Heck. Our favorite Keefmen needed another outlet for his more garagerock songs which do not suit the SSC´s rock´n´roll frenzy. They have already recorded 8 songs, and will soon record some more. Here you can have a listen to 3 of those:

NEWS: January 2017

Just a small reminder, make sure you go and see Het Combo this weekend in Utrecht and Groningen and pick up their debut LP, I think there are still 6 copies available.
Tonight in dB´s with a lot more bands, and tomorrow in the legendary Vera Downstage together with the fantastic Krontjong Devils!
And just before you go, read this great review on De Kettingzaag

It´s Friday the 13th of January, the release date of the debut LP "Donderjagen met!!" from Het Combo Koedijk! Shipping and delivery starts today. The few copies remaining will be sold at their 3 upcoming shows. If you did not order it yet, try to pick one up at one of the following shows:

FRIDAY 20 JAN - V11 Rotterdam
(+ Sensational Second Cousins & Sp aties!)
FRIDAY 27 JAN - dB's Utrecht
(+ many more incl. Dead Elvis & Fake O´s!)
SATURDAY 28 JAN - Vera Groningen
(+ Krontjong Devils!)

Eventhough the record is from 2017, it´s good to see we are in the top 10 best records of 2016 according to the programmer of the best venue in the world

P.D. Although I wonder is this record worse than Lumpy and the Dumpers Huff my Sack?
All the best from het Drentse Land!