NEWS: November 2015

UPDATE: Single did arrive on time! and we had a great party in Bielefeld!
If you haven´t got it already, you can get your copy at Soundflat or Copastic or Shiny Beast, in Groningen, just go to ELPEE. It´s distributed by Clear Spot. Also you can contact the Trash Templars. If you have any questions, or want to order directly from us of course you can always contact us via e-mail (kuriosarecords[at]

One of the highlights of the party was this great song "The man I used to be", unfortunately it isn´t on the EP, but the 4 songs that are, are just as great if not better!

I think the link to hear the Green Hornet record has already disappeared, but make sure you check out this big jit!!

Sorry for the delay again and in keeping you posted on what´s happening. Turns out all those articles about how hip vinyl is and the long delays in delivering the records might actually be true...We still have hope that our upcoming release from the Trash Templars will arrive on time for their concert in the Blues Bar at the end of the month, although I would not bet on it. In the meantime you can of course already pre-order it, and we sent it to you as soon as possible.
Let´s see how hip vinyl really is....
Sent us an e-mail kuriosarecords[at] or do it via the just recently created bandcamp page were you can already listen to the great and fantastic TRASH TEMPLARS!

While you are waiting for our fine new release, listen to some new recordings from Henri Keefmen here, and buy Green Hornet´s new LP "Never enough" on Excelsior which you can enjoy here.