NEWS: September 2015

After six months of hiatus we´re back to bother you, but of course with good reason. Finally the Trash Templars step out of a world of obscurity and are ready to claim their major influence and fame on events world wide naturally starting at the bottom. Yep, this fall there will be a new single on Kuriosa by the fantastic The Trash Templars, to be exact a 4-Song EP. The masters are on it´s way to the vinyl pressing plant. Expected release date somewhere in November. Hopefully it will be ready for their show with the Maggies Marshmallows in Bielefeld 21-11-2015. We´ll keep you posted, for now be sure to check out this garage punk gem that will be included:

From our latest release, that wonderful 10" Action from our favorite surf combo the Krontjong Devils, only a few copies are left, you can of course get your copy if you haven´t already through us or get it at the following shows:
- 04-09 de Rooie Neger Roodshow, Kadepop, Groningen
- 18-09 WILDWAX SIXTIES NIGTHER! + The Montesas, Magic Castles & The Beasts, Molotow, Hamburg

King Koffiezetter Mark Ten Hoor aka Mark the Beatle has joined forces with Arjan Spies (Mark & the Spies and the Kik) and are completed by Peter Cruise (Low Point Drains, Keefmen and many more) to record some great new sixties songs under the name The Kryng. Basically it´s the No-Goods with a different drummer. You can hear here 3 great new songs recorded at Arjan´s Studio Teepdek. Make sure you listen to "Baby What You Want" another classic written by Mark Ten Hoor! Rumor has it that they are now negotiating to release a single on a very renowned label from Groningen.

And what about that sensational duo?! Well The Sensational Second Cousins will go into a recording studio this fall, hopefully the result will be their debut LP! For now go see them at
- 06-09 Podium Gigant, Apeldoorn
- 16-09 Patronaat Haarlem, + King Khan & BBQ
- 20-09 dB's, Utrecht, + King Khan & BBQ
- 25-09 Theater De Muzeval, Emmen, + traumahelikopter & WOLFTONE

At the same time Henri Keefman is performing solo or accompanied by the Hunebedrockers doing De Keefmen and new sixties inspired songs. In August he did 3 shows (dB´s Utrecht, Noorderzon Groningen, Mañana Mañana fest in Hummelo) let´s see what will happen in the future.

Great Poster made by Willem Kolvoort