NEWS: March 2015

The weather outside is sunny, and I´m sitting in an office in the outskirts of Madrid, to lazy and bored to go out. It´s time to enjoy once again a live show from The Krontjong Devils from the comfort of my chair. This (Part 1 & Part 2) is them live at The Summer Safari 2001, including the hits: Land Behind The Moon, Malibu Run, Daddy Wants A Cold Beer, The Jester & 3rd Star From left!
The Krontjong Devils Action! 10" has been played on the great radio station WFMU. Amongst current and old favorites on Three Chord Monte, Teenage Wasteland and Todd-o-phonic, you can hear our favorite surf combo crank up the reverb!
Three Chord Monte: January 19, 2015 Moon Relay / January 26, 2015 Mustang / February 2, 2015 Action! / February 9, 2015 The Jester
Teenage Wasteland: January 4, 2015 Magic Carpet / February 15, 2015 The Jester Todd-o-phonic: January 10, 2015 Action! / January 31, 2015 Hey Little Girl
Thank you Bill, Joe & Todd!

The Sensational Second Cousins have turned pro, and that is a good thing! Read all about here! Hopefully this will result in a lot of shows, and most importantly a real full length! Because I´m not planning on waiting a whole year for a Lp. I want one now. For now you should see them live every change you get, before they will be selling out HMH.

Our heroes from Hellevoet Low Point Drains will finally release something new, the Out of coke EP on Slovenly and they will do a short tour in May, The Rippers from Italy have an outstanding new 45 out on Goodby Boozy and will be playing in Madrid at the end of April!, ex-Miracle Men Vincent has been busy with his fuzz psychedelic combo Wolftone and the result can be heard on Bring down the sun, this spring Green Hornet should have a new LP out on Excelsior, and Kuriosa you wonder? Well we have found some Germans for our next release. Probably in the summer or shortly after, there will be a fantastic new EP filled with some mindblowing traditional garagepunk. In the meantime learn some Spanish and read this Interview with yours truly. Thank you Anabel/ Culturaca for your interest!

If you haven´t already make sure you get the Krontjong Devils Action! 10 inch. It´s available at Double Crown, Surfer Joe Store , Soundflat, Sleazy Records and Shiny Beast. If you are in Groningen, just go to ELPEE. If you have any questions, or want to order directly from us of course you can always contact us via e-mail (kuriosarecords[at]