News: March 2013

It´s been a while, actually a long time. It would be a lie if I´d say that we have been very busy, but we´re not professionals and also don´t take this thing too seriously. We do as we please. And we´re very pleased. There is finally a new 45 from a new group with a familiar face, Henri Keefmen. The Sensational Second Cousins are a two men band formed out, of course: two second cousins Hectic HENRI and his Ravin' JERK! The songs are “Until you´re satisfied” and “The meanest thing”. More on the 45 soon, but for now you can already put in your agenda:
Friday 5 April: Poppodium Apollo in Emmen together with the Krontjong Devils, Traumahelikopter and DJ Rooie Neger
Saturday 20 April: On Recordstore Day in Elpee in Groningen with Spider Rico.
For details on the fabulous Sensational Second Cousins check their site

Garage is hip and happening in the Netherlands, well at least that´s what I´m told (or have read), and as an outsider not living in that wonderful country, this idea is difficult to grasp. Anyway you´re in luck, the best garage punk band around will finally set foot on Dutch soil this Sunday. The Frowning Clouds from Geelong, Australia, will be playing at the Crowbar in Groningen, brought to you by that amazing City Trash magazine. They perfectly blend R&B, garage and psych, fuzz and harmonies. As a starter you´ll have the Kuriosa Kats De Keefmen, so be on time, as they probably will give a taster of their new songs that they have been recording in a proper studio. I´m pretty sure it´s going to be smokin´.