News: May 2012

11 May
The trio are hopefully preparing for their first trip to Spain, playing 2 shows with the amazing Spits.
01/06/12 - Siroco, Madrid w/THE SPITS
02/06/12 - Magazine Club, Valencia w/THE SPITS
For details check FB
If it´s anything close to their show in Meppel it will be great, see here their killer hit "Maze City" from their debut 45 on Kogar Records, and a fantastic revved-up version of "Wolf" from Kuriosa´s 45. Now we´re waiting for their first full length.
De Keefmen
Also still waiting on the release of the tribute to Cuby 45 De Keefmen have recorded some time ago, but for now their last 45 on Kuriosa got another great review on Fungal Punk:
De Keefmen come under the Fungal radar via the label Dirty Water Records and what I expected and what I got are, in some parts the same thing, in others…different. Hailing from the land of the Tulip this Dutch trio are raw, under-rehearsed (it seems) and somewhat haunted. Their output is from the exhaust filled garage and where a sub-alternative tramp from the early 80's has decided to make a discordance built on simplistic melodies. It is a strange and eerie sound that spills out with the kind of slant that many self acclaimed critiques will dissect and destroy. This is a punk site run by a punk with an appreciation of the murkier side of music - get back to basics and bellow about it is the ethos - let's see what this crew have here hey?
'Wrong Kinda Place' reeks of under-production, bleeds a deep underlying fear, weeps forth tears of ghosted musicianship. De Keefmen make an initial soiled introduction and I know a few who would turn heel immediately and run in the opposite direction - into the arms of a more safer melodic lover no doubt (more fool them). The initial sorrow that pours from the hearts of the players is absorbing as so is the unhygienic heavily dusted sonica that the band so determinedly spill forth. From the despondent strings to the wretched wailings of the mouthman this song has a choice pang to it with an hopelessness not lost on this assessing chap. For me the target was sought and thoroughly achieved and what we have is a most satisfying B-movie mush - nice!
'Don't Ask Me' bleeds and pleads with a sub-Joy Division terror in the drums and guitars but here is served up with an oral onslaught that is infected with torture and pain thus becoming a passionate expulsion of something amazingly irresistible. The thriving sound is tattooed with a diseased futuristic edge where the melodic machinery is operated by players who do it without even thinking - its in the blood.
'Anything' excites no end and spills in with spoiled string work that is both mesmerising and beautifully industrial. The vocals work alongside this raw nerved rhythm with a tension, a fear, a veritable cauldron of fretting emotion. The consuming gist is low slung and embracing of all that the garage pit can offer when all components fall into place without even trying - fuckin' brilliant shit and the work of artistes adept at their musical poetry.
I can't issue enough positives about this CD - a luscious episode of noise that has me genuinely salivating for more. There is a subtle depth, a blatant rawness, but a certain cuteness that makes this sheer joy, joy, joy. De Keefmen - remember the name, chase up this CD and get a glut of more sonic puke this band retch up.

Main man Henri Soulmann is by the way quite busy with his other group The Sensational Second Cousins, check this great short video for Until You're Satisfied

Low Point Drains
A confusing lot like always, they changed line-up several times, with bass or without, well of course the foundation never changed with cosmopolitan Mr. Point and semi-professional cyclist Mr. Drain. Now it seems they are back to a threesome with a new Mr. Low, the notorious Redhead on bass, and just in time to promote their upcoming debut LP "The Black Album" on Pantano Records which will apparently appear on white vinyl.
Milkcow Records
And finally, since Kuriosa has practically moved from Meppel, only the snail mail address is what keeps us connected, their was room for a new label Milkcow Records. Check out their first release: the first official re-release of a true Dutch hardcore punk classic: the debut and sole EP by Zmiv. Originally self released in 1982, this EP is nowadays one of the most sought after punk 7 inches from Holland and collectors all over the world easily lay down out a week’s salary to seize this little beast. Zmiv hailed from Meppel, not exactly the walhalla for punkrock back in the day. Fueled by the likes of GBH, Sex Pistols and Discharge, boredom and puberty, it balances on the edge of fast paced punkrock and raw hardcore. On this EP you’ll find no less than 7 pieces of fast, angry, distorted, furious and mindnumbing punkhits. Make sure you get it!
Now let´s hope Milkcow Records will also release some unissued recordings from that legendary 90´s punk group from Meppel. Here´s at least a taste of what the ZMIV have to offer: