KUUR-008: THE HARA-KEE-REES - Cant stop thinking about you/ Im walkin babe 7"


After releasing two killer full lengths, Explode!!! and II, this is THE HARA-KEE-REES debut 45. Yes for the first time you will be able to enjoy this great band, the purveyors of the best nowadays garagepunk, on the 7-inch format. Recorded on their stomping ground in Cologne Germany, its loud, primitive and RAW. Of course the easy comparison to anything coming out of the Northwest from the mid sixties, like the Wailers and the Sonics, can still be made. THE HARA-KEE-REES havent changed their musical direction. No they are perhaps even more wild, psycho, moody and angry than before.
A-side CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU is perhaps their most heartfelt recording to date. Organ driven garage killer filled with the essential ingredients in any teen-angst tale: love & pain.
The B-side delivers their insanely rockin and super wild take on the Unusuals IM WALKIN BABE. They increased the pace and created a fantastic and frantic garagestomper. A crude guitar and savage screams drenched in organ makes this a brutal raw crunchin sixties inspired punk monster. And so two great songs on one 45 for the LOUD crowd!

Releasedate: January 2007