KUUR-007: FUMESTONES – Now at the mini bar!! 7"



Brandnew release of this great garage band from Spain. The sound of the Fumestones is more similar to the 80s bands and this 7"ep is a must for any garagehead outthere! Four songs full of fuzz and farfisa sound, make you wanna scream and shake! "Out of tears" is my fave song on a-side with snotty vocals and swirling farfisa and "Pamplona" on b-side is a fantastic garage song with great rhythm and catchy tempo whichs reminds me of two Italian bands from the 80s the Ugly things and the Electric Sheilds. Just and only this song is a good reason to get it!! (Great cartoon coverart by Paisley) (Lost in Tyme)

Releasedate: December 2005