NEWS: March 2016

Once again it was that time of the month, so here´s some exciting news from your favorite label..

The Trash Templars have played in Bremen and at the Go Wild Festival in Eindhoven, don´t make the same mistake as me and go see them at one of these shows:
08.04.2016 Stemwede (Private party)
09.04.2016 Hamburg, Garageville Weekend , Hafenklang
16.04.2016 Köln, Sonic Ballroom
06.05.2016 Heilbronn, Bierkrug
07.05.2016 Kassel, Goldgrube
20.05.2016 Sittard, Ernesto´s Cantina Mexicana
21.05.2016 Bloodstains accross Kortijk, Pits (+Fake O´s and many more)
28.05.2016 Berlin, Cortina Bob

And of course go see The Sensational Second Cousins as well:
27.03.2016 Schijndel, Paaspop
05.05.2016 Leeuwarden, Bevrijdings festival Friesland
21.05.2016 Nieuw Amsterdam, Rumblin´ in the peateries
03.06.2016 Emmen, Poppodium Apollo RELEASEPARTY!

It´s great to hear that Koko from Vinyl Music Records likes our latest releases. Hear some great songs from the Krontjong Devils and the Trash Templars on Radio La Granja out of Zaragoza, and here you can hear The Krontjong Devils and De Keefmen.

Read all about the Trash Templars here and here. The debut EP from the Bielefeld bunch has also entered in the top 20 from March of Whole Lotta Shakin. A great piece of time-lapse art has been made for the fantastic "Wanna know":

And somewhere in between they managed to record another fine song, a ballad this time:

Make sure if you haven´t got it already, that you get your copy at Soundflat, Copastic or Moody Monkey Records or Nat Records or Shiny Beast, in Groningen, just go to ELPEE. It´s distributed by Clear Spot. Also you can contact the Trash Templars. If you have any questions, or want to order directly from us of course you can always contact us via e-mail (kuriosarecords[at]