NEWS: November 2014

Yes the Krontjong Devils Action! 10 inch is finally available and you can get it from Double Crown if you are in the US. If you are in Europe you have more options. Go to Surfer Joe Store or Soundflat or Shiny Beast. If you are in Groningen, just go to ELPEE. The record is distributed by Clear Spot. If you have any questions, or want to order directly from us of course you can always contact us via e-mail (kuriosarecords[at]

Songs from this great 10" have already been played on Bill Kelly´s Teenage Wasteland (The Jester, nicely in between The Jesters of Newport´s Stormy, and Lulu´s the Boat that I row!), Fiberglass Jungle (Playing my personal favorite Moon Relay) & Radio Vallée de la lézarde (Emission du 30 Octobre 2014, spinning the wild frat title track Action!).

In the meantime our fantastic primos the Sensational Second Cousins have been touring all over the Netherlands. And they won´t stop. Highlight must have been the appearance on national radio (3FM). Here´s Hoom Baba:

- 6/11 Popronde Emmen, Markant
- 7/11 Popronde Maastricht, Walkabout
- 14/11 Popronde Alkmaar, De Pilaren
- 15/11 Popronde Sittard, Onder de Linden
- 20/11 Popronde Breda, De Markt
- 30/11 Sassenheim, De Twee Wezen
- 13/12 Klazienaveen, Eetcafé Zus & Griet / Snackbar The Corner

- 14/11 Groningen, Benzinebar +Das Audio Combo
- 15/11 Meppel, Clouso
- 28/11 Utrecht, Ekko +Phantom IV

*Of course this is 14-11-2014, and not 14-10 as flyer indicates