NEWS: September 2014

19/9 A short update: THE KRONTJONG DEVILS ACTION! 10" will be available at the North Sea Surf Festival. Be sure to pick it up and get it signed. They will be playing at 17:45 and will be ready for signing autographs at 19:00. Official releasedate will be mid October. If you want to order already your copy, you can sent an e-mail to
Here is one of the hits:

08/09 Well well well, it took some time to do an update. Not so strange as this is not the most exciting part. It might seem there´s some laziness involved, but we actually were working on a new release, later more about that, first our favorite duo.

At the beginning of the year they released there 2nd 45 on Kuriosa "Cruel Baby", it has been played on WFMU and RNE3, some fine Spanish words can be read about the 7" here courtesy of Kick Out the Jams. This fall they will tour the Netherlands and Spain, for the exact dates (and great poster for the Spanish part) see below. The best surprise is that the Spanish tour will be accompanied by the release of their 3rd 45, this time on the great Saturno Records, known for their excellent records from the Frowning Clouds, Ausmuteants, Lord Rochester, the Del-Shapiros and many more. Be sure to pick it up at one of their shows, it features the 2 kazoo crowd pleasures "Hoom Baba" & "Wobble Lou". Listen to it here

Also at the beginning of the year we attended Koen & Niek Subroutine´s festival "the Sound of Young Holland", and could not help be impressed by the talent.
"Then it was time for some real noise courtesy of the mighty Krontjong Devils. Dudes, I’ve gotta tell you now in this review, I’d never seen them before, but all day Grunnen types were whispering about the gig to me in hushed tones, how I would see God and walls would melt, all that. What we got – when flesh encased and revealed the legend - was a fucking loud and wild surf band, one that kicked out some thumping, shuddering riffs and one that looked collectively annoyed they couldn’t be louder, though we were in ear bleed territory throughout. They played their hits and people went wild for them. A cool gig indeed; and something of an eye opener in “how to do it”."
(Richard Foster; Incendiary Magazine)

We could not agree more. The result will be a 10" with 10 great songs drenched in reverb from our beloved surf combo THE KRONTJONG DEVILS! With a bit of luck it will be already available when The Krontjong Devils play the North Sea Surf Festival 2014 on Saturday the 20th of September (with The Phantom Four, Les Agamemnonz & 50ft Combo). The official release will hopefully be somewhere in October.

- 09/09 Sevilla, Trompeta Verde
- 10/09 Malaga, Velvet Club Málaga
- 11/09 Ubeda, La Tetería
- 12/09 Zaragoza, Pub Eccos
- 13/09 Valencia, Magazine Club (+DJ BONGUSTO!!)
- 14/09 Barcelona, Bar Lupita Del Raval
- 18/09 Popronde Nijmegen, de Tempelier
- 19/09 Popronde Apeldoorn, Finnegan'S Pub & Restaurant
- 21/09 Assen, AXIS Festival
- 25/09 Popronde Delft, Trappistenlokaal 't Klooster
- 27/09 Nieuw-Amsterdam, Private Party
- 02/10 Popronde Wageningen, Eetcafé Vreemde Streken
- 03/10 Popronde Den Bosch, Café TweeKeerBellen
- 09/10 Popronde Groningen, ELPEE
- 10/10 Popronde Arnhem, Cafe The Move
- 11/10 Popronde Haarlem, Cafe Lugosi
- 17/10 Popronde Tilburg, Café Hoegaarden
- 14/11 Popronde Alkmaar, Podium Victorie
- 30/11 Sassenheim, De Twee Wezen
- 13/12 Klazienaveen, Eetcafé Zus & Griet / Snackbar The Corner