News: November 2011

13 November
Well it´s time to pick up Kuriosa´s latest release, and where can you do that better than upcoming weekend, Saturday the 19th, in the Vera. DE KEEFMEN will present their Me Keefman, You Jane single.

After an exhausting trip across Spain in October I´m sure De Keefmen will be able to perform another short & sweet explosive set filled with their greatest hits like "I need help", "Cryin´ at my door", "Wrong kinda place", "Told you once, told you twice" and "I wanna tell her" in the cellar of the Vera. Hopefully they will do me the favor and play all songs of the new 45 (and with this I mean, play: "Don´t ask me"). And mind you, there might be another celebration, surely they will play this one. It will be for the 100th time.

THE KRONTJONG DEVILS will provide the after party with their fine brand of surf and rock´n´roll. Hope they bring this time the organ to the kelderbar! So they can perform this Motions´ classic:

(and Sam the Sham´s "I´m sorry ´bout that")

By the way wonder if artist Bert De Kunstenaar has produced once again a fine poster for the event like in 2008.