NEWS: September 2011

9 September
The holidays are over, fortunately some nice words could be read in the September issue of MAXIMUM ROCK´N´ROLL on Kuriosa latest release TRAUMAHELIKOPTER

Catchy ’60s style tunes dusted with a fine layer of fuzz. Not too much to bury everything, but just enough to make it sound dirty. There are blown out vocals and pounding drums. It also sounds like there is an organ in the mix that raises above the cacophony every once in a while. Almost like a less manic CRAMPS, but they still retain the melodics and the primitiveness. Nice. (Carolyne Keddy)

Apparently we released once again a 60´s 45, that was not what we had planned, but anyway, meanwhile you can see them live with SHAKING GODSPEED all over the Netherlands.

Traumahelikopter live:

09/09/11 - de Bijstand, Nijmegen
15/09/11 - Pacific Park, Amsterdam
16/09/09 - Café Iez, Rotterdam
18/09/09 - Skatepark LWD, Leeuwarden
30/09/11 - Kroepoekfabriek, Vlaardingen
06/10/11 - Luxor Live, Arnhem
07/10/11 - Exit, Rotterdam
13/10/11 - Patronaat, Haarlem w/LOS VIGILANTES
15/10/11 - Lugosi’s, Haarlem
20/10/11 - Kaffee ‘t Hof, Middelburg
28/10/11 - ACU, Utrecht
03/11/11 - Paradox, Tilburg
18/11/11 - Effenaar, Eindhoven
19/11/11 - Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam
25/11/11 - de Walrus, Groningen
26/11/11 - Koornbeurs, Delft
16/12/11 - Doornroosje, Nijmegen

Next up: News on De Keefmen, a tour in Spain and a 45 to accompany it.