Some groups take 2 or 3 years to record an album, but these boys took over 4 years to record this perfect 45. And if the signs are not deceiving us, the earth will be shattered again with Lekkere Beat. At first touch and combustion everybody will be injected with a new dimension b-e-a-t. The Lekkere Beat comes from THE NO-GOODS, the only real beat group known to Meppel. THE NO-GOODS have been created around MARK TEN HOOR a young man from the countryside of Drenthe, who has written the most part of THE NO-GOODS songs. In all the venues where the group plays, that Lekkere Beat erupts. Everybody is getting involved in the game and has to participate: Dancing, jumping, climbing, screaming, but also intens listening.
The trademarks of THE NO-GOODS are the Outsiders matching beat and the Q65 strong lyrics. THE NO-GOODS have a born sense of losership, but are always full of inspiration. “Wonder” is the perfect example, it´s a brilliant slice of that Lekkere Beat, an outstanding sing-a-long pop beat song. “Maureen” is a song about a girl, fueled by despair as you could have guessed. The result is another fine 45 filled with Dutch garage beat you´ll have to have!

Releasedate: March 2009